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BioG™ products are exclusively imported and distributed by Trios Life Private Limited.

Founded by an entrepreneur and a trained Biochemist, Trios Life Private Limited is triply dedicated to supporting Singaporeans in enhancing your life and living your dreams with next generation health and beauty products from renowned manufacturers with proven cutting-edge technology.

The founders of Trios Life are true believers of “you are what you eat, and have always made eating right part of their active and healthy lifestyle.

Because modern agricultural practices and commercial food production have largely depleted the natural nutrients in our diet, coupled with the fast-paced nature of our city lifestyle, Trios Life finds that it is near impossible to feed our body and cells with the right amount of essential, good quality nutrients without supplementation.

Finding the right supplements and knowing what, and how much to take proves to be a frustrating affair!

Pharmacies, health stores and supermarkets are filled to the brim with a plethora of supplement brands and varieties, and most of them are aggressively promoted by sales representatives who may not have enough information about an individual’s health profile to make a sound recommendation. Moreover, to get adequate supplementation, more often than not, it means having to swallow a handful of capsules and tablets, sometimes twice a day.

Having personally benefitted from the high-efficacy yet convenient to consume BioG™ MicroTabs in Germany, Trios Life founders worked hard to bring the BioG™ patented technology and pharmaceutical grade products to Singapore to revolutionalise the way we supplement our nutritional needs.

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BioG™ MicroTabs is manufactured in Germany under cGMP standards by Roehr™ Pharma GmbH with worldwide patented technology.

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